The Fund for Niagara Catholic

Alumni and Friends of Niagara Catholic, 

Many times we get asked "Why Give" to Niagara Catholic? What does my donation do? Your donation matters. Your donation is more than just money for the basic needs of the school. Your donation helps brings kids to Niagara Catholic who otherwise might not have the opportunity for Catholic education. Your donation helps fund programs for education growth and development of our faculty and staff. Your donation helps change a life. 

The mission of the Advancement Office is to keep Niagara Catholic Jr./Sr. High School accessible to students who wish to challenge themselves and reach for higher educational goals. Our mission is to make Niagara Catholic a household name in Niagara County when families talk about quality programs and education. Our mission is to keep private education affordable for those who seek it. However, we can not do this without your help. Your help is crucial to the goals of our students and the stability of Niagara Catholic. 

We have been blessed with many generous donors and friends of Niagara Catholic and we do not take these people for granted. They are a blessing to us and we owe them many thanks for their support. I urge you to please consider making a donation to The Fund for Niagara Catholic today and help us now to secure quality Catholic education for years to come. 

Your tax deductible gift makes a difference! 

Niagara Catholic is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization


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