Lewiston Private High School

You want the best education possible for your child and in today's world that means a private education. As a family living in Lewiston, you want a private school that offers a top quality, rigorous education and is close to home. Niagara Catholic provides both those needs for your children in grades 7 through 12.

A Complete Catholic Education For Your ChildLewiston Private High School

At Niagara Catholic, we believe that education is more than just memorizing facts. We provide students with a complete education that is grounded in a Catholic moral framework. Our ingredients for success are a rigorous academic curriculum taught by dedicated, professional teachers, a positive atmosphere, and a faith based, family environment. These ingredients for success ensures that every student at Niagara Catholic graduates has the educational, social, and moral foundation to succeed.

Faith, Honesty, Loyalty, and Service since 1975

Niagara Catholic has been providing a rigorous education to select students for over 40 years. The grounding for this education is the four pillars of faith, honesty, loyalty, and service. With these four pillars supporting our students, they are able to better excel in art, sciences, mathematics, technology, history, and more. Students at Niagara Catholic progress via a holistic approach that challenges them to succeed. This approach helps students graduate and enter top universities around the world.

A Great Opportunity for Your ChildLewiston Catholic Education

If you want to ensure that your child receives a top quality education that is grounded in strong Catholic principles, there is simply no private school in the Lewiston area that will better instill a strong moral groundwork while also offering a top quality rigorous education. We invite you to visit our private Catholic school any time you want. When you do you will see educators that are able to instill in their students a passion both for learning and community involvement.

Secure the future for your 7th through 12th grade child today. Contact Niagara Catholic today to schedule and interview and get started on enrolling your child. For families living in the Lewiston area, there simply isn't a better educational option than the Niagara Catholic private school.