Lockport Catholic Schools

Niagara Catholic Jr. / Sr. High School is a leading Lockport Catholic School serving grades 7-12. This college preparatory school offers enriching educational programming based on the values and traditions of the Catholic Church. It caring staff members are committed to encouraging each student to meet their highest potential. Through its thoughtful mission, the Niagara Catholic is helping each student to become a globally minded, faith-based individual who cares about life-long learning as well as the community around them.


For Lockport Catholic education, Niagara Catholic Jr. / Sr. High School is your answer to high-quality private education complemented by Catholic sensibilities and values. The average class size is about 15, so students are never anonymous and have excellent access to teachers throughout their school day. This Lockport Catholic school offers multi-type degree programs that include the:

     Niagara Catholic Regents Diploma

     Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation

     Regents Diploma with Honors 

     Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation with Honors

In recent years, Niagara Catholic Jr. / Sr. High School has boasted a 100% graduation rate with most student continuing their academic journey in two-year and four-year colleges.

Extracurricular Activities

Lockport Catholic Schools

Niagara Catholic Jr. / Sr. High School features drama, music, and athletics in addition to its high-quality academic programs. Lockport students at this private school put on plays and participate in orchestra, band, and chorus. Music students perform for school plays, special concerts, and special school events.

Additionally, Niagara Catholic Jr. / Sr. High School features athletic programming for both boys and girls during the school year. The school also features basketball camps during the summer. Some of the team sports the school features include volleyball and basketball.

Faculty and Staff

Niagara Catholic Jr. / Sr. High School features dedicated faculty and staff members who are there to support students in their education and spiritual growth. Faculty members are highly qualified, degreed teachers who have a passion for their subject matter and a love for their profession.

If you are searching for a Lockport Catholic school, be sure to contact and schedule a visit with Niagara Catholic Jr. / Sr. High School.