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If providing a quality, Catholic education is a priority to you and your student, Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School is the ideal opportunity for your family. Providing a positive, invigorating Catholic learning environment, Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School is the only Wheatfield Catholic education opportunity available in Niagara County. Dedicated to providing our students with a foundation of Catholic education since 1927, parents expect their Niagara Catholic students to stretch their intellectual capabilities and excel in all areas of life.

Experience the Advantages of a Wheatfield Catholic Education

When parents search for a private school education that provides an outstanding, faith based education, and supportive environment, the search ends with our qualified staff and inspiring curriculum. Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School serves a 7-12 grade co-ed population and is committed to exposing students to the highest level of material in the areas of science, technology, and the arts. Our curriculum is appropriately challenging while ensuring that methods are employed that are designed to engage and motivate each student to the best of their abilities.

Our wide range of educational programs is guaranteed to appeal to students with varying interests and our passion for the Catholic faith demonstrates a level of excellence that is carried out in all aspects of the educational opportunity.

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The only Wheatfield Catholic School within Niagara County, Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School is conveniently located and is committed to an advanced level of education. We pride ourselves in the advancement of our students into continuing education and exceptional career opportunities, as they fulfill their commitment to community.

Call us today to arrange a visit and to start the enrollment process. We invite families to experience our private school environment and learn about our teachers and the offered curriculum. Becoming a part of the Niagara Catholic family is an investment in the future of your child and your family.