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As a parent, you understand the value of education and want your child to receive only the best education possible. At Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School, we share that desire to see children receive the best possible education. That is why our private school has built a curriculum for 7th through 12th grade students in the western New York area that ensures they receive the academic, social, and spiritual background they need in order to find success beyond high school.

Supporting Children with a Catholic EducationWNY Catholic School

A Catholic education at Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School isn't your standard private school experience. At Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School, not only do we offer the highest quality education in math, sciences, technology, arts, literature, and social studies, but we also integrate spiritual teachings into the entirety of the curriculum. Success beyond high school requires more than just a rock solid education of academic subjects. It requires supporting children with a developmental and spiritual foundation that gives them the moral, ethical, and social tools that are equally necessary for success. This is the advantage you receive when your child attends a Catholic School as opposed to a traditional private school.

Faculty Dedicated to the Mission

The mission of Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School is to produce children that are highly educated and display a passion for the Catholic faith through words and deeds. Every single staff member at Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School is dedicated to that mission. But dedication to the mission alone isn't enough for a person to teach here. Faculty must also be masters of their profession, able to teach in a way that inspires and educates successfully. Only a rare few live up to those standards, but it is those rare few that Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School allows to provide a Catholic education for your child.

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If you are looking for a coed Catholic school in the western New York area that combines structure, support, and faith to provide a truly outstanding education, there simply isn't a better option than Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School. Contact us today for more information regarding the excellent Catholic education available for your child.