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Day of Caring 2015

Pictured above: Madison Moore and Kiara Karim assisting with the gardening at Niagara Catholic

Pictured above: Joe Caruso and Jaylan McWilson taking a quick photo break while cleaning outside St. Vincent de Paul Prince of Peace Site.

Pictured above: Niagara Catholic's Green Team cleaning up their garden. (left to right: Alex Ackley, Noah Freeburger, Maya Gandy, Mr. J. Dormann, Melissa Whisker, Haley Freeburger, Samantha Campbell)

Pictured above: Paolo Beilman calling the shots at BINGO. A group of students helped with BINGO at Elderwood Niagara Falls.

Pictured above: Andrew Rice, Makiya Beswick, Taylor Miller, Jeana Franjoine, and Ms. C. Janese volunteering at St. Jude's.

Pictured above: Amanda Ackley and several other students helping with an arts & crafts project at Opportunities Unlimited in the Town of Niagara.


Day of Caring 2014

Pictured above: Ms. Katz and Mikayla DaCosta

Pictured above: Amanda Ackley volunteering at Elderwood

Pictured above: Jaylan McWilson gives a thumbs up to the Day of Caring.