The NU Advantage

Our association with Niagara University gives select students a chance at added academic advantages. We offer two different programs through Niagara University.


Our NUSTEP (Niagara University Senior Term Enrichment Program) courses offer students the chance to complete Niagara University college courses while still in high school.


Our Niagara University Prep Program is a unique collaborative partnership with Niagara University. This program allows students who successfully complete Niagara University courses to enter Niagara University with advanced/accelerated status. Academically qualified students are chosen to apply to the Niagara University Prep Program at the end of their sophomore year based on academic performance. Students are required to have an academic average of 85 or better and must also have a teacher recommendation in order to be eligible.


NUSTEP Courses currently offered at Niagara Catholic:






Public Speaking


Criminal Justice



More NUSTEP Information


Each time you apply to a college or university, you must remember to complete a transcript request form to have your grades sent to the new school, because once a college receives a transcript from a student, it becomes the property of that college and it will not forward the transcript to any other schools. Additionally, the educational experience of participating in a college-level class in high school will serve you well regardless of whether your credits were accepted or not. They are your credits for life and may come into play further in your educational career.


You must complete a transcript request form that is available directly from the university. Contact the Records Office at 716.286.8731 or online at


Completion of this form, along with the required payment, must be sent to the Records Office at Niagara University. An official copy of your NU transcript will be issued and mailed to the designated school(s) you have requested it be sent to.


For more information about the NUSTEP program: